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Zinc Dust

We supply zinc dust in 3 grades: Standard Zinc Dust 601®, Special Zinc Dust 615®, and Superfine Zinc Dust 620®. Alternatively, we can tailor the specifications to meet your special requirements.


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Our services

Whatever product or application you need the raw material for, we supply paint manufacturers and manufacturers of corrosion protection systems throughout Europe.
Let us convince you of the quality of our products – both the regular grades and those tailored to meet particular specifications.

Our services

The many uses of zinc dust

Zinc dust is used in all sorts of situations. We are familiar with all of them. And we know which requirements need to be met by each high-quality product.

Protection against adverse weather conditions

100 million containers ensure the flow of goods around the globe. These building blocks of our global economy are often exposed to extreme weather conditions: high humidity in the tropics, freezing cold in the Arctic, and everything else in between. Protected by a primer rich in zinc particles, they can withstand such conditions without any trouble.

Reduced downtime costs

3% of our GDP is eaten away by rust every year. Zinc dust ensures that downtime due to corrosion is minimized in almost every industrial sector. With our high-quality zinc dust, CONMET helps to reduce the costs of damage due to corrosion.

Standard primers for ships

The International Maritime Organisation requires a zinc-rich primer for new ships which extends the life of ships. Ballast tanks, in particular, are subject to rapid corrosion.

Protecting the environment with zinc dust

Tanks damaged by corrosion can inadvertently leak fuel, oil, or chemicals into water or soil. So corrosion protection containing zinc dust directly helps protect the environment.

Preserving the gloss of paint and varnish

In Europe, paint manufacturers process 25,000 tonnes of zinc dust every year. Zinc-rich primers ensure that paints and varnishes have a durable gloss.

Coil coating in the automotive industry

Increasingly thin layers and more durable protection – that’s what’s required in automotive construction. Coil coating with zinc dust provides better corrosion protection while maintaining the durability of the bodywork.

Maintaining the value of industrial plants

Overhead cranes and harbour cranes, conveyor belts, tank facilities, warehouses and agricultural buildings, silos for sand and gravel plants, asphalt mixtures, cement works … all these industrial plants would depreciate rapidly due to corrosion. Zinc dust from CONMET maintains their value.

Extending the life of wind turbines

An investment in wind turbines does not pay off until after 20 years of operation. Corrosion protection therefore plays a key role in the cost-effectiveness of this alternative source of energy. A zinc-rich primer ensures long-term operation.

Corrosion protection for lock gates

Lock gates are continuously exposed to fresh and/or salt water – and sometimes to waste water – for decades. CONMET recognises and meets these exceptionally high demands on the corrosion protection system.

CONMET International GmbH

Our grades of zinc dust

Zinc dust is a versatile and exciting raw material. It goes without saying that our grades of zinc dust are all protected by trademark law and REACH-certified.

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