Quality management at CONMET

Quality management at CONMET

Our three-step quality management process guarantees the quality of our products. Smooth production processes and reliable quality of the end products are of paramount importance to us.

1. Monitoring during production
Comprehensive monitoring is already carried out during the production process.

2. Scientific analysis of the properties of our zinc dust
Scientists from the Institute of Process Metallurgy and Metal Recycling at RWTH Aachen University regularly monitor the most important properties.

3. Differentiation of batches
Even the slightest variation in composition can affect processing. We know exactly which batch is particularly suitable for which application.

Our services

CONMET offers high-quality zinc dust – and more…

We believe our job as a raw material supplier is to provide a comprehensive service. With decades of experience in the production, purchasing, and use of zinc dust, we have come to specialise in four areas of service. This is what we ask of ourselves as a family business.

Completing customs formalities and managing logistics

We take care of all the special customs formalities pertaining to zinc dust. In cooperation with modern warehouses and distribution centres at key ports, we ensure the smooth and uncomplicated dispatch of your order.

Supporting research and development

If you want to develop innovative coatings and corrosion protection systems, we can provide expert advice, drawing on decades of experience. We are happy to provide you with samples of zinc dust according to various specifications, and with expert support during the development process. In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), CONMET has carried out research to further the development of zinc dust primers. This has clearly demonstrated that zinc is extremely effective.

Reliable delivery despite market fluctuations

Because of changes in global demand and fluctuations in production and the resulting supply, commodity markets are in constant flux. We meet these challenges through prescient management of our stocks of zinc dust, so that we can guarantee our customers a secure supply of zinc dust even in turbulent times.

Dependable price calculations

The global zinc market is characterized by considerable price fluctuations. We keep a constant eye on current trends and provide you with comprehensive information about the most favourable point in time for you to make a purchase, how much to buy, and the expected delivery time. Whatever the price movements on the London Metal Exchange, we guarantee you a fixed price for your chosen timeframe for delivery.

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